I press snooze three times. It’s time and I’m still under the covers.
Where are my wings of love?

I finally crawl out of bed and dive into my shoes.

I noticed that the floor is closer than usual. I’m not shorter. My feet are sinking into the floor.
It’s hard to put on my pants because I have to lift up my feet higher than usual, I keep sinking down, why? Because.. No time to explain.

It’s time, but you are always five minutes late.

I don’t waste time shaving, I wouldn’t reach the mirror anyway. I have to wash my face in the bidet.

I wait for the elevator and the floor has already reached my belt. I’m almost not able to press the button.

It’s lucky we decided to meet at the corner. People don’t see me. I have to dive out of the way so that people don’t step on my head.

We should have met at my place, but you’re set in your ways.

I get to the kiosk just in time, I see you arrive as I finish sinking. Now you’re here but you can’t see me. My face is underneath the heal of your shoes.

I blow you kisses as I slowly disappear. Goodbye my love.

Too bad, today you were wearing your white underwear with the little bow tie. 

Traducción: Brett Lalonde

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